Project Management

We offer aluminum and glass combination solutions for your interior and facade projects. Thanks to our wide range of products and our international solution partners, we propose effective solutions to your aesthetic and performance needs.

Our solutions add a modern, modular and transparent structure to your interiors. We combine aesthetics with function and innovative architectural solutions. And we create customer-focused solutions at all stages.
Our priority headings in interior solutions can be defined as follows:

- sound insulation
- fire protection
- integrates acoustics, climate and light
- ensure optimal interior conditions
- aesthetic and visual expectations
- innovative product combinations compatible with systems

Building envelope; while establishing the relationship between the structure and the environmental factors, it also constitutes the conceptual connection of the interior space and environment. Effective facet design is the process of creating solutions to the aesthetic and performance requirements of

the structure. The priority headings in the facade solutions are as follows:
- aesthetic criteria,
- relationship to environmental factors
- acoustic, sound insulation solutions
- sustainable solutions that reduce energy use
- the cost-efficient solutions in terms of durability and usage needs
- the flexible and easy-to-produce solutions.

In this context, we provide a wide range of consultancy services covering different stages

of the project. Our experienced engineers and solution partners will ensure that your project will proceed safely in the initial phase through a coordinated process.

Facade Design & Performance
Design & Performance

Despite the conceptual background of the system design, detail design focuses on the different properties of all materials used and the topics such as fixing methods, sizing, system requirements. The detail design process ranges from aesthetic and performance requirements determined in collaboration with the architect to the manufacturing and installation requirements required to ensure the completion of a successful project.

The detail design stage is a process in which concept development continues. Concept development, design development, continuous forecasting, constructability review processes continue uninterruptedly in detail design process, which is the assurance of a more effective solution of the system.
Our basic approach is to plan the whole process

in detail design stage without any changes in site or need site production. With the approved 2D or 3D detail drawings, an error-free process is targeted. In this context, you can be assured that our BIM and CAD design-development team will provide you a zero-error targeting detail design process.

Design & Performance

The relationship of the building to environmental and structural factors constitutes the most critical link to this phase of analysis. Systems and engineering analysis is a detailed analysis of the structure's performance requirements. Many important behaviors of the structure, such as user comfort energy consumption, must be analyzed and resolved at this point before the implementation phase.

Natura treats the design and analysis processes as a whole as a working approach and acts with the data of these analyses at every stage of the process. With our solution partners, Natura design and development team provide a wide variety of analysis such as:

- structural analysis
- thermal
- acoustical
- daylighting
- ventilation and convection
- energy and climate
- sound insulation
- fire protection
- aesthetic and visual impression

Facade Pre-Construction

The construction site is critical to a successful outcome. It represents the main point where the project meets the real world. The more effective and accurate the title of a set of preliminary process organizations, detail solutions, etc., the faster the site operation will progress. In this respect, Natura aims to create solutions without leaving a workload on the construction site.

In this respect, especially the delivery and organization of the material to the site, design, engineering, manufacturing,

and Assembly and the start of the site installation necessitates an effective system of organization. The site, though, is where they all need to come together properly. For this, the operational team must anticipate site-specific requirements and develop an effective setup strategy to ensure optimum performance.

Organizational efficiency and strong planning strategy at this stage will ensure that all ongoing operations on the site continue with a certain harmony. On the other hand, employer expectations, architectural

approach needs, performance solutions will become qualified as a result of this harmony.

Our performance in the construction site reduces the risk for both design and construction teams. The effective and continuous relationship established by the construction site process with the design departments is also the guarantee of creating quick solutions to unforeseen problems that arise in the project.

Natura provides an effective solution system in topics

such as material shipment, site organization, integrated coordination of site operation. Natura has the required qualifications for projects of different scales that require complex and intensive labor. From the development of packaging design, the staging of sequential unit delivery, together with the planning of efficient hoisting strategies, we coordinate shipments in a timely manner based on schedule, site constraints, storage considerations, hoisting means, methods, and cost efficiencies.

Facade Installation

Reynaers Aluminium is a leading European specialist in the development and marketing of innovative and sustainable aluminium solutions for windows, doors, curtain walling, sliding systems, sunscreening, and conservatories. Besides offering an extensive range of standard solutions, the company also develops solutions that are tailored to the individual customer or project.

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