Project Management

NATURA coordinates all aspects of your project from the beginning until the end. According to NATURA, a holistic approach is the key factor of a successful and efficient project. We are there for you, before you realize the necessity.

We analyze the premises and the design planning for the design of the interior. We take care of the implementation of the interior design strategy and manage the project plan. We will organize the shipping, inventory and we will focus on your desires, the characteristics of the space, and the intersection of both.

In the end, we will gain your trust and you will gain your dream space which is functional, elegant and in harmony with nature and human.

Facade Design & Performance
Design & Performance

NATURA creates spaces efficient, functional and provides detail design service. Focusing on design and performance at the same time is an essential part of project management.

Design needs creativity, courage, openness and intelligence.

Our designers know how to listen, because the perfect design is only a success, when it fully complies with the customer's aesthetic desires and the functional requirements.

We always accept the challenge to create the perfect fusion between functionality and aesthetics to exceed your expectations.

The NATURA-design-development department enhances tailor-made solutions for each new interior project. We always cooperate with the project's architect and design team.

Our BIM and CAD design-development team will provide you an effective design and performance analysis service that will give you the chance to experience your space virtually before the implementation.

Design & Performance

Pre-construction is the main phase of any project NATURA works on. We know, that investing in the pre-construction phase means minimizing obstacles during the installation phase. The complex pre-construction process ensures that your project stays within the desired range in aesthetic, functional and financial terms. The technical models and drawings are for visualizing your interior space, but they are also significant for the implementation. NATURA organizes and controls every single details before the implementation to prevent unintended surprises. We know that focusing on pre-construction process means saves you from losing money, time and energy!

Interior Pre-Construction

For NATURA pre-production and implementation phases go hand in hand within a holistic context.

We optimize your project before the installation by maximizing the pre-production process to limit the workforce on the construction site during the application process.

The installation process is implemented in a way, that you will hardly notice it, since the main tasks will be finished before it starts. Through pre-construction, possible obstacles will be solved, before they occur.

During the installation, the combination of technical knowledge with your desire is significant and NATURA your specialist for this.

Wherever you want any item, we can install it for you. When you ask the impossible, NATURA accepts the challenge!

Facade Installation

Colcom Group is a global leader within the Glass Hardware market in supplying innovative, high quality and added value solutions. The investment in human capital and in research and development, is the base of our success. Colcom’s product range includes shower enclosures, interior and exteriordoors, partitions, sliders, handles and locks. Colcom group recently increased its product range by acquiring the French company Sadev, which specializes with studying, designing, developing and production of external fixing systems, structural façades and balustrades.

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